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PBS to Slurm commands
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Last modified on 15-01-2015 11:09 by User.

PBS to Slurm commands

User commands PBS/Torque Slurm
Job submission qsub <job script> sbatch <job script>
Job submission qsub -q express -l nodes=2:ppn=16 -l mem=64g <job script> sbatch -p express -N 2 -c 16 --mem=64g <job script>
Job deletion qdel <job_id> scancel <job_id>
Job deletion qdel ALL scancel -u <user>
List jobs qstat [-u user] squeue [-u user] [-l for long format]
Job status qstat -f <job_id> jobinfo <job_id>
Job hold qhold <job_id> scontrol hold <job_id>
Job release qrls <job_id> ​scontrol release <job_id>
Node status pbsnodes -l

sinfo -N -l

X GUI   sview
Environment PBS/Torque Slurm
Node list (entry per core) $PBS_NODEFILE $PBS_NODEFILE (still supported)
Slurm node list   $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST (new format)
Job Specification PBS/Torque Slurm
Script directive #PBS #SBATCH
Queue -q <queue> -p <partition>
Node count -l nodes=<count> -N <min[-max]>
Cores(cpu) per node -l ppn=<count> -c <count>
Memory size -l mem=16384 --mem=16g OR --mem-per-cpu=2g
Wall clock limit -l walltime=<hh:mm:ss> -t <days-hh:mm:ss>
Standard output file -o <file_name> -o <file_name>
Standard error file -e <file_name> -e <file_name>
Combine stdout/err -j oe (use -o without -e) [standard behaviour]
Direct output to directory -o <directory> -o "directory/slurm-%j.out"
Event notification -m abe --mail-type=[BEGIN, END, FAIL, REQUEUE, or ALL]
Email address -M <address> --mail-user=<address>
Job name -N <name> --job-name=<name>
Node sharing only for same user

for all users if not --exclusive

Node sharing   --exclusive OR --shared
Job dependency -W depend=afterok:<jobid> --depend=C:<jobid>
Node preference   --nodelist=<nodes> AND/OR --exclude=<nodes>
Max jobs pool -A [m16,m32,..,m512] --qos=[max16jobs,max32jobs,..,max512jobs]
Account to charge -W group_list=<account> --account=<account>