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* iPSYCH Usage
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* iPSYCH Usage


  1. Obtain an iPSYCH user account.
  2. Use an approved* university network to connect to
  3. Follow the instructions at

* if unable to connect through your university network. Contact

Importing Data

Importing and exporting data is done through an intermediate server for security reasons. Transferring data into the cluster isn't restricted, but we still have to go through the intermediate step, so the first thing you do is upload the data to with scp.

[me@local ~]$ scp my-file's password: 
my-file                                   100% 4387     4.3KB/s   00:00
[me@local ~]$
Now we can import it into the actual cluster, by running the ipsych-import command from a session on fe2.

[me@fe2 ~]$ ipsych-import my-file my-file
my-file                                   100% 4387     4.3KB/s   00:00
[me@fe2 ~]$

Now the file is available to your user from all machines, just like any other file in your home directory.

Exporting Data

Exporting data from the cluster has restrictions, mainly to avoid accidentally making sensitive data available to unauthorized people. For importing data we used ipsych-import, now we use the corresponding ipsych-export command.

[me@fe2 ~]$ ipsych-export my-graph

The exported data is logged and kept indefinitely. Files will need to be approved by an admin - you will get an email when the file has been approved and exported.

The exported files end up in the same intermediate folder that you put your import data in. To get it out you can either use scp or you can mount the folder as described in Basic Info except that you use as the address.

Data more than a month old in the import/export folder at will be deleted on a regular basis.